teachingI am a firm believer that the first thing every teacher should do is to awake the love of learning in his students. I, for one, think that only a person, who is passionate about what he is doing, can cultivate an interest in a subject in others. And I count myself to such people. I am hooked on learning English, craving for mastering it and ready to share my passion with students.

I try to keep my lessons in a light vein and create an easy-going and friendly atmosphere. This approach lies at the core of my teaching. Besides, I have an inner confidence that every lesson should ooze life and energy. One way I find to be effective is to sell the material with an enthusiastic approach. In such a way, students feel motivated, are not afraid to ask questions or make a mistake and are encouraged to participate. I benefit from that a lot, as when students feel comfortable at my lessons, it is easier to keep track of students understanding.

Another important aspect of my teaching is to make sure that every single student can operate with the new material on their own. To achieve this, I walk them through the information, we come back to it and repeat it many times before it sinks in, and only after that I give my students a chance to take the lead, monitoring them and correcting something if necessary.

Even though I realize that learning a language is not all rainbows and butterflies, I do believe that I make this process more enjoyable for my students. We play card and board games on a regular basis, move around the classroom doing various tasks. These activities are fairly easy and serve either as a good way to start a lesson on a good note or as an activity during which students can unwind before another difficult task and have fun along the way.

Overall, I find teaching English to be a very rewarding experience in terms of constant self-growth and handling challenging situations. However, the central reward of teaching to me is to get a positive feedback from my students and to observe how they succeed.

Author - Daria Kovnatska, Teacher of English at Image Education.


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