Image Education LetterThe British Council Resource Centre in Kiev would like to support the application for a licence to teach English which is to be submitted to the authorities by the Children’s Cultural Centre of Image Education. The British Council organization was established in Ukraine in November 1992 to promote the development of education and culture and the exchange of ideas and understanding between the people of Ukraine and the people of Britain.

The education of young children, particularly in the field of English language is one of our highest priorities. We are closely connected with the Ministry of Education and collaborate with various groups working on the National schools curriculum and testing under the Ministry.

Since our official opening in November 92, we have had good relations with the Children’s Cultural Centre of Image Education; their English teachers are members of our Resource Centre, regularly making good use of our teaching materials. We have visited their Centre, observed their English classes and given methodological advice. We would gladly give their application our full support; indeed we feel that all educational enterprises need maximum encouragement to continue through what are undoubtedly very difficult times.

We would like to thank you for your consideration.

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